Drow City Black Dragon Scale Shirt
Long Description: A black dragon scale shirt has been left here
Short Description: a black dragon scale shirt
Oggetto: 'shirt scale', Tipo di Oggetto ARMOR
L'oggetto e': MAGIC ANTI-GOOD
Peso: 5, Valore: 25000, Costo di rent: 0 [RARO]
AC-apply di 9
Ti puo' dare:
Ti puo' dare : ARMOR by -10
Area: Drow Ciy
Location: n.a.
Mob: Isha
Other Info
Slot: sul corpo
Maxxa: {$maxxa}
Note: il mob si sposta
extra: shirt, scale
It is a sleeveless shirt made from big, black dragon scales joined with silver threads. Its inside has been made from the soft skin on the dragon's belly, making it very comfortable to wear. The name "Isha" has been engraved on one of the scales.
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